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Shanti’s grandfather told her that when he was a small child he saw more birds like sparrows and mynah than he sees today. Can you make two guesses why their numbers have become less?

The Khejadi tree was the most common tree that grew in Amrita’s village. Which kind of trees can you see a lot of,  in your area? Name two such trees.

Ö Find out more about these trees from your elders.

The Khejadi tree is found mainly in desert areas. It can grow without much water. Its bark is used for making medicines. People cook and eat its fruits (beans). Its wood is such that it will not be affected by insects. Animals in
this area eat the leaves of the Khejadi. And children like you, play in its shade.


For the teacher: Encourage children to ask their elders about animals and insects. Discuss with the children about the reducing number of birds due to changes in the environment.

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