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Tanvir – I am waiting to eat the cheva rice that we will get at the feast. I really love it.

Fatima– How will the cheva rice be prepared?

Sonmoni – They will light a fire and boil the water in the big

tao (a big vessel). On this vessel, they will put the Kadhahi containing soaked rice and cover it with banana leaves. After some time, the cheva rice will be cooked and ready to eat.


Ö Where is the festival of bihu celebrated?

Ö Which are the festivals you celebrate together with other families?

Ö Does everyone cook and eat together on such festivals?

Ö What are some of the special dishes that are cooked? How are they cooked?

Are some special vessels used for cooking these items? What are they?

Which is the biggest vessel that is used? Can you draw a picture of it? Can you guess how many people can eat the food that is cooked in it at one time?

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