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Any One Project/Assignment from the Prescribed Syllabus

        Make an illustrative study of the life and work of any three national leaders, between 1857 and 1914 and describe their contributions to the Nation.

        Trace the evolution of any two non-violent revolutionaries of the Indian National Movement and identify their contributions to the Nation.

        Analyse the role of the Muslim League in the national movement and its impact on the future course of India and Pakistan.

        Make a graphic study and illustrate the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the Indian National Movement for Independence.

        Make a comparative study of any three leaders who had non-violence as their motivation for gaining India's Independence and contrast their role with three leaders who used any other ideology for gaining independence.

        Make an analytical study of any three ideologies pertaining to Governments of Nations that prevailed in the world prior to 1947.

        Make an illustrative study of the life and work of Subhas Chandra Bose.

        Develop an illustrative study of the contributions to world peace of the United Nations or any of its agencies.

        Illustrate the evolution of the United Nations as a world body and its evolving role.


The Assignment/Project Work is to be evaluated by the Subject Teacher and by an External Examiner independently: Subject 'teacher (Internal Examiner) out of 10 marks and External Examiner also out of 10 marks.

The total marks obtained out of 20 marks are to be sent to the Council by the Head of the School.


No question will be set in the written paper from the topics selected for Project Work for that particular year.


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